NOTE:  This agenda is from the 2019 conference.

The 2020 agenda will be posted in summer 2020.

Day 1 – Tuesday, October 15th
Session 1:  Opening General Session
Moderator:  Heath Ward, Guilford County Environmental Health
8:15am Welcome
8:30am Electrical Best Management Practices
John Buchanan, PhD, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
9:30am Parental Influence on Soil Properties
David Lindbo, PhD, USDA-NRCS
10:30am Break in the Exhibit Hall
11:00am Stream Identification and Onsite Set Backs
Kevin Martin, S&EC
12:00pm Luncheon and Awards Presentation
Master of Ceremony:  Erik Severson, NC State University
NC Onsite Water Protection Hall of Fame
Steinbeck Achievement Award
Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Session 2:
Session 3:
Session 4:
Wastewater Characteristics
Moderator: Jeff Vaughan
Agri-Waste Technology, Inc.
Justin White
Surry County
Bill Fenner
1:30pm Agents of CLORPT
David Lindbo
Non-steady State Drip Irrigation
John Buchanan
University of Tennessee
Rob Austin
NC State University
2:00pm Nutrient Treatment Efficiency of Onsite Systems: Does age matter?
Charles Humphrey
East Carolina University
2:30pm Comparison of LTAR Methods
John Kase
Wake County
Step Systems Solve Grinder Woes
Steve Barry
3:00pm Movement of Water through Soil
Aziz Amoozegar
NC State University
Break Insect Safety with Insect Shield
Jason Griffin
Insect Shield
3:30pm Break SERCAP Farm Bill
Randy Welch
Business Insurance: Errors and Omissions
Reed Whitsett
Wade Associates, LLC
4:00pm Identifying and Mapping Wetlands
Larry Baldwin
Land Management Group
11-step Process for Evaluating Failing Systems
David Lindbo
2025 GPS Satellite Changes
Gary Thompson
4:30pm Wetland Verification Through USACE
James Lastinger
US Army Corps of Engineers
5:00-6:00pm Ice Cream Social in the Exhibit Hall
Day 2 – Wednesday, October 16th
Concurrent Sessions
Session 5:
Session 6:
Session 7:
Wells and Environment
Moderator: Alan Clapp, LSS Bob Rubin
NC State University
Diana Rashash
NC Cooperative Extension
8:30am Saprolite Formation
Erik Severson
NC State University
Mass Loading
Kevin Davidson
Agri-Waste Technology, Inc.
Legal Remedies for Malfunction and Non-Compliance:  A County Perspective
James Tiger
Chatham County
9:00am Saprolite Effectiveness in Removing Pathogens from Wastewater
Mike Vepraskas
Terrence Gardner
Aziz Amoozegar
NC State University
Developing Risk-Based Treatment Guidance for Onsite Water Reuse
Jay Garland
EOP Experience
Mark Brooks
Brooks Engineering Associates
9:30am The NCSU Pedology Program
Matt Ricker
NC State University
Break Saltwater Intrusion in Shallow Groundwater Monitoring Wells
Alex Manda
East Carolina University
10:00am Break Active Operation is the Key!
Steve Barry
The Virginia Privatization Model
Pam Pruett
Environmental Systems Consulting
10:30am Lateral Flow and Mounding
Jim Beeson
Piedmont Environmental Associates
Flow Equalization
Bill Fenner
11:00am Remediation of Septic System-Derived Nutrients and Bacteria by a Natural Wetland
Jarrod Underwood
Guy Iverson
East Carolina University
Tim Crissman
11:30am The Licensed Soil Scientist Option
Scott Cole
Montgomery County
Overlooked Sources of Hydraulic Overloading
Keith Vernon
Vernon Septic Systems
2C Wells
Wilson Mize
12:00pm Lunch on Your Own
NEW:  Hands-on Sessions
Attend 2 of 3 options.
1:00pm Mobile Soils Classroom
Carl Crozier
NC State University
Repair Case Studies
Scott Greene, NCDHHS
Andy Adams, Retired REHS
Pressure Manifolds
Jonathan Godfrey, Infiltrator Systems
Erik Severson, NC State University
2:00pm Mobile Soils Classroom
Carl Crozier
NC State University
Repair Case Studies
Scott Greene, NCDHHS
Andy Adams, Retired REHS
Pressure Manifolds
Jonathan Godfrey, Infiltrator Systems
Erik Severson, NC State University
3:00pm Break in the Exhibit Hall
Session 8:  Closing General Session
Moderator:  Scott Greene, OSWP, DPH, NCDHHS
3:30pm .1900 Rules Update
Tricia Angoli, OSWP, DPH, NCDHHS
4:00pm State of the State
Jon Fowlkes, OSWP, DPH, NCDHHS
4:30pm Adjourn
Day 3 – Thursday, October 17th
Field Sessions
Start Time:  8:30am
End Time:  Varies depending on travel time.  All tours will have a full 3 hours of instruction.
#1 – Piedmont Soils and System Tour
Venue:  Guilford County

Starting Address:
First Baptist Church of Whitsett
7006 Burlington Road (Highway 70)
Whitsett, NC 27377

Heath Ward, Guilford County, Alan Clapp, LSS, and
Scott Greene, OSWP, DPH, NCDHHS
Description:  This field tour will cover the following topics: soils, fill rule, innovative system technology using flow equalization, STEP systems, repair vs. best professional judgement vs. system expansion, pressure manifold, system installation and O&M requirements. These elements were considered in combination to make a complex repair of a septic system serving a church campus in rural eastern Guilford County. Participants will experience hands-on evaluation of the soil and system components.
#2 – Piedmont Soils
Venue:  Raleigh

Starting Address:
Pole Barn near the Booth Field Learning Lab
4000 Chi Rd
Raleigh, NC 27603

Jeff Vaughan, Chris McGee, and Gary Morehouse
Agri-Waste Technology, Inc.
Description:  Several landscape positions and soils of the North Carolina Piedmont will be examined in the field.  Participants will describe soils from excavated pits.
#3 – History of Appalachian Mountain Soils
Venue:   Boone, NC

Starting Address:
Fred Webb Jr. Outdoor Teaching Laboratory
Appalachian State Univ Campus
Boone, NC 28608

Lauren Waterworth
Appalachian State University
Description: We will begin the tour with an overview of Appalachian Geology. In the Outdoor Teaching Lab, attendees will see samples of rocks from each major Appalachian province and review the history of Appalachian Mountain formation. The tour will proceed to a roadcut along Highway 321 South between Boone and Blowing where we will observe local geology of the Grandfather Mountain Window. The final stop will be at the Beacon Heights overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway to observe the geomorphic and soil features resulting from erosion of the Appalachian Highlands.
#4 – System Installation
Venue:  Raleigh

Starting Address:
Outside the Booth Field Learning Lab
4000 Chi Rd
Raleigh, NC  27603

Jonathan Godfrey, Infiltrator Systems
Description:  This tour will look at installation examples of various types of trench media.
#5 – Reuse
Venue:  Wake and Chatham Counties

Starting Address:
Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve Park
5229 Awls Haven Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27614

Bob Rubin, NCSU
Description:  Large and small systems.  Starting at Wilkerson Park, proceeding to a home in North Raleigh, then to Chatham County.
#6 – Eastern Soils
Venue:  Pender County


Diana Rashash, NC Cooperative Extension and Erik Severson, NCSU
Description:  Spodosol site.