Erosion, Sediment, and Turbidity Control Workshop

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Kathryn Luxford
Joni Tanner

Virtual Classroom + In-Person Field Day

June 24, 2021

Video recorded lectures available June 1-30, 2021

In-person field day June 24, 2021

Watch the videos from home or office.
Then, join us for a half day in the field for live demonstrations.

PDHs awarded for both the video and field contact hours.

Currently available surface outlet options
are displayed and reviewed.


Need to brush up on your erosion and sediment control practices? Hear about the latest research results that could help your operation work smarter and save money? Discuss issues and answers to common problems? In this workshop, you will take part in discussions and view demonstrations that illustrate the cost and effectiveness of a wide variety of options for designers, construction managers, grading contractors, inspectors, and regulators. Get first hand knowledge about new products and systems that are in use now to alleviate erosion, sediment, and turbidity control (ES&TC) problems. We will pay particular attention to turbidity control options in this workshop. Remember, it is possible to discharge reasonably clean stormwater from a construction site!

This workshop covers all this plus a field experience to solidify the knowledge gained in the video recordings.  Vendors will also be available to discuss products which might be useful for your projects.
The benefits of porous baffles are demonstrated using a fluorescent dye to show flow patterns.

 We’ll answer your questions:

  • What are some options for ground covers for erosion control, and how well do they work? How do we keep the straw in place?
  • Are there alternatives to the standard “piles of rock” for sediment control around a construction site?
  • If you have problems with turbidity in your discharges, such as complaints or lawsuits, what treatment options are out there? Are they safe in the environment?
  • What are some considerations for performing inspections on construction sites?
  • Once construction is complete, what are some options for fixing the soil and transitioning to post-construction stormwater systems?

Note: This workshop will involve about 4 hours of self-study at your convenience with video recordings followed by a half day (morning or afternoon) of participatory field demonstrations, so come prepared for the weather, water, and mud.

Please wear appropriate clothing for field demonstrations.
(hat, sunscreen, jacket, proper footwear, rain gear, etc.)

Virtual Classroom Presentations

Available June 1-30, 2021

We strongly recommend completing the video recordings prior to the Field Day to get the greatest benefit out of both sessions.  For PDH credit, you must pass the associated online quizzes.

  • Use of tillage and amendments to improve compacted construction site soil, reduce runoff
  • Examples of the best practices for managing construction site stormwater
  • How to improve on gravity for construction site runoff water quality
  • Potential uses of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for construction site management
  • Fence posts: which ones work for silt fences?
  • Dust Control: alternatives to water

Field Day, June 24, 2021

8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm
You choose the morning or afternoon session.

Your morning or afternoon will be spent in the field viewing and participating in demonstrations of a variety of systems and products, which can include:

  • Flocculation and sediment bag filtering
  • Various surface outlets (skimmers)
  • Rainfall simulation and erosion control options
  • Passive treatment using wattles and other check dams
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle demos
  • Infiltration measurement
  • Alternative silt fence anchoring and outlets
  • Liquid dosing systems
  • Infiltration swales for stormwater treatment
  • Blue roofs vs green roofs




Participants witness turbidity control in a simulated construction site storm event.

Contact: Kathryn Luxford  919-515-7154
Joni Tanner  919-513-1678

 Registration Information

6/24 (8am-12pm):  Morning Field Time

6/24 (1pm-5pm):  Afternoon Field Time 

Participant: $125 (By 6/15/21)
Participant: $150 (After 6/15/21)

The registration fee includes bottled water, box lunch, and a certificate of attendance.

Vendors who take part in the field demonstrations by providing supplies or installing devices may receive complimentary registration.

Contact Joni Tanner at for vendor information and registration.

To coordinate field supplies and device installations, contact Jamie Luther at

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Professional Credit: 5.5 Hours

  • Certified Professionals in Erosion & Sediment Control (self-claim)
  • Licensed Soil Scientists (self-claim)
  • Professional Engineers and Surveyors (self-claim)