Nutrient Management Training

Due to COVID-19, the format of the Nutrient Management Training has been changed to a
combination of online self-study modules, live webinars, and short in-person sessions with reduced class sizes. 

Please look at the dates closely.
Make sure your schedule will accommodate the completion of all required components.

Online Modules for Self-Study: 
Deadline May 9, 2021
Optional Zoom Review Sessions:  May 4 and May 7, 2021
2-Day Live Webinar: 
May 10-11, 2021
In-Person Exam and RUSLE Field Session: 
May 12, 2021
In-Person Software Training: 
May 13-14, 2021 (students attend one 1/2-day session each day)


Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.


We continue to work with local and state health officials, as well as NC State and NC A&T State Universities, to monitor the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Please know that training schedule changes are intended to protect the health and safety of our community while striving to provide the resources and services you need.We will continue to closely monitor the situation and act consistently with local, state and national recommendations.



Kathryn Luxford

Joni Tanner

Nutrient management planning is the tool we use to efficiently and effectively manage crop nutrients. Environmental protection is one of the key goals of nutrient management. Other goals realized are more efficient (less costly) crop production and sustainable farming systems, including animal production. In North Carolina, nutrient management plans are required for farms with animal waste management systems regulated by the NC Division of Water Resources, as well as farms located in nutrient sensitive watersheds. These plans must meet federal technical standards and be certified by a technical specialist approved by the NC Soil and Water Conservation Commission. Completion of this nutrient management course is one required component of the application to become a certified technical specialist.



Registration Information

Online Self-Study via Moodle
About 20 hours of self-study.

Due by May 9, 2021
We highly recommend finishing these modules in time to ask questions at the Optional Review Sessions, May 4 & 7, 2021.

1. Pre-Class Refresher
  • Nutrients and Water Quality
  • Environmental Rules and Regulations for Animal Agriculture
  • Technical Standard 590 for Nutrient Management Planning
  • A Soil Chemistry and Fertility Primer
  • The Phosphorus Loss Assessment Tool
  • Soil Survey and Nutrient Management
  • NC Cropping Systems and Tillage
  • REQUIRED Open Book Exam
2. RUSLE Book
  • RUSLE History & Intro to the Manual
  • RUSLE Factors – R, K, LS, C, and P
  • Practice Exercises
  • REQUIRED Open Book RUSLE Exam
3. Nutrient Management
  • The Certification Process
  • Cropping Systems and Management
  • Nutrient Sources
Optional Review Sessions via Zoom
The Zoom link will be provided in your registration confirmation email.
  • Tuesday, May 4 @ 9-11am
  • Friday, May 7 @ 3-5pm


2-Day Live Webinar via Zoom
May 10-11, 2021
8:30am – 5:00pm
The Zoom link will be provided in your registration confirmation email. The webinar will break for a 1-hour lunch both days.
Monday, May 10, 2021
  • Introduction to Virtual Training
  • Commercial Fertilizer Calculations
  • Manure Availability Calculations
  • Identifying Realistic Yield Expectations & Calculating Manure Application Rates
  • Writing a Plan
  • Case Study: Animal Waste
Tuesday, May 11, 2021
  • Case Study Continued
  • Practice Exam
  • Final Review and Questions
Nutrient Management Exam &
RUSLE Field Session
May 12, 2021
9:00am – 4:00pm
A box lunch will be provided.
  • Nutrient Management Exam
  • RUSLE Field Exercises
    • Slope direction/length/percent
    • Row grade
    • Residue cover
    • Receiving slopes 
Nutrient Management Software Training
May 13, 2021
8:00am – 12:00pm OR 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Indicate your time block availability when registering.


RUSLE2 Software Training
May 14, 2021
8:00am – 12:00pm OR 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Indicate your time block availability when registering.

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Fee: $350

Registration Confirmation
When registration is complete, you will receive two separate email messages.

  1. Registration Confirmation – containing Zoom links for the Optional Review Sessions and the 2-day Webinar.
  2. Moodle Access Message – containing specific information and an enrollment key to access the Online Self-Study modules. 

Printed Materials
The Nutrient Management Training manual will be shipped to you in early April or within a few days after your registration.  When registering, please use a physical location address where you can receive a FedEx shipment.

Online Self-Study Access
The Online Self-Study modules will be delivered via Moodle, an online learning management platform. You will receive an email with full information on how to access the online content.

Optional Review Sessions and 2-Day Webinar Access
The Optional Review Sessions and 2-Day Webinar will be delivered via Zoom web conferencing with live instruction. Once registered, you will receive full information on how to access the Zoom sessions.

Nutrient Management Exam & RUSLE Field Session Address

Booth Field Learning Lab
4000 Chi Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27603

Nutrient Management Software and RUSLE2 Software Training

The Software Training will take place in the GIS Computer Lab in Williams Hall on the main campus of NC State University. Parking permits for Dan Allen Deck are required, and the cost of your permit is covered by your workshop registration fee. Parking permits are virtual and tied to the license plate number of the vehicle you will be driving to campus. For this reason, we will communicate complete parking permit instructions in early May.