Thursday, 8/16

Teaching Online

9:00-10:15 “Braking” Up the Lecture

Many faculty often wish they could change something about their teaching, but aren’t necessarily sure where to start.  Incorporating bite-sized learning, “brain breaks”, and small changes into your teaching can improve retention in almost any type of learning environment.  In this session, you will discover how to break up lectures and other lessons into smaller learning chunks (and why you might want to do so), in addition to a few specific tools that can assist with this change.

Suzanne Edmonds, Lead Instructional Technologist, DELTA URL to join sessions.

10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-11:30 Design an Amazing Moodle Course

Is your Moodle course crowded, cluttered, and hard to navigate? Would you like to give your course a facelift, but don’t know how?  This session will discuss best practices for Moodle course design and provide practical solutions to streamline your Moodle course.

*Participants should have familiarity with basic features of Moodle, such as adding activities and resources and using the WISIWYG editor.

**Ideally, participants will have 2 monitors or a wide monitor so that they can practice in Moodle while viewing the session.

Beth Shepherd, Online MBA Program Manager
11:30-12:15 Optional: Zoom Cafe
12:15-1:15 UDL for Online Courses

In this session, participants will learn how to make their courses usable, accessible and engaging for an extensive variety of students.  We’ll also talk about how to utilize inclusive teaching strategies, as well as how to make accessible and inclusive course materials.  Lastly, participants will be introduced to campus resources and templates for creating online classes.


Crystal Tenan, IT Accessibility Coordinator, OIT

Christopher Beeson, Instructional Technologist, DELTA


1:15-1:30 Break
1:30-2:30 Increasing Student to Student Interaction in your Online Course

Student to student interaction can be crucial to creating a community of learners within your course. At the heart of this is providing multiple opportunities for students to discuss and work together with others in their class, but what is the best way to get that interaction into your online class? In this session, we will brainstorm ways to increase student interaction in your course as well as the tools in Moodle, or outside of our LMS, that support these interactions.

Bethany V. Smith, Associate Director, Instructional Technology Training, DELTA