Call for Papers

IMPORTANT: Before submitting a poster, please review the required template.

Deadline June 7, 2019

Topics of Interest for 2019 WCMNM

  • Micro fabrication technologies, process chains and process characterization
  • Miniaturization of machines and equipment as well as associated issues such as tooling, fixturing, positioning, motion generation, sensors systems, and control
  • Novel product designs, micro-assembly technologies and micro-handling
  • Surface engineering and interface nanotechnology
  • Process modeling and simulation
  • Processing and characterization of smart materials, multifuctional materials, nanomaterials and material related issues in micro and nano scale
  • Micro and nano additive manufacturing technologies
  • Micro and desktop factory concepts, systems, components and modules
  • On-line monitoring and inspection systems/methods
  • Standardization in micro manufacturing and micro factories
  • Applications of micro and nano technologies: microreactor technologies, microsensors and actuators
  • Applications of both current and emerging micromanufacturing methods and equipment, including those that bridge the nano- and macro- worlds
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